On June 20, 2019 our Mars Hill’s Kenya Connection Kids mission team departs for Kenya. This year the team consists of 18 team members and will be traveling through July 6, 2019. The mission team will be visiting the children throughout Kenya that are sponsored in our program which includes areas of Nairobi, Chuka, Chigoria, Kiereni,Tharaka, Kirubia and Ikuu. A connection day consists of a mini Vacation Bible School (VBS) with this years theme to be Christmas in July focusing on the Birth of Christ. Our teens will present a skit and act and have time for snacks, games and delivery of the children’s monthly supplies. This gives each member to visit and get to know and play with our children in the sponsored areas. These are the pictures you see on the website and in our Constant Contact emails you receive of the children playing. Throughout the week, the team spends time with the children in KCK homes and this year will be meeting our 10 newest children received last month. We are excited to introduce a new Sunday school curriculum to many of the church leaders in the areas lead by Michelle Bowling.

The team will also be visiting the local Hospital in Chogoria and Chuka. We have a great relationship with the local health care professionals and we are indebted to all that they do for the impoverished areas of Kenya. We support through the delivery of supplies that we collect throughout the year in the states. We are in the process of working on details for a focused medical mission in 2019 and will be laying the groundwork on this trip.

The Mars Hill Technical Institute is another stop in this itinerary. This school allows for many of the young adults in the area who do not qualify for college, a career path and job opportunities that would not be available elsewhere. The technical school features job training in catering, computer skills, construction and many others. We are very proud of this model and it is our goal to train up independent, self sufficient adults in KCK.

Our Mars Hill Presbyterian Church VBS this year will be collecting funds to support the Chicken and rabbit projects in Tharaka. Tharaka has many geological challenges especially fresh water and is a very impoverished area where some of our KCK children live. Even digging wells have been unsuccessful due to high salt content. Thank You Mars Hill and VBS for your support!!

Please be in prayer over this trip for travel mercies and that the Lord blesses their time and we expand our Borders!! Team members: Reba Harrison, Andy Thurmond, Denise Benson, Sue Hudson, Michelle Marshall, McGee Spencer, Michelle Bowling, Tracy Gentles, Gary Gentles, Sherry Schwieterman, Drew Marshall, Alex Marshall, Kayla Benson, Maggie Benson, Caroline Polacheck, Abby Anderson, Megan Gentles.

There is not a greater calling than caring for orphaned and destitute.
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40-45