Hello Everyone!

This is the letter we received from Linet our Administrator in Chuka, Kenya. She wanted to inform us on the latest information and their tactics in combating the virus while the children are now Sheltered at Home and under strict Curfews imposed by the Government. We have been working with the Kenya Team to proactively approach and reach the children who live outside the home and in the “bush” or rural areas. Here is the latest!

Pray that our update finds you well. Back here we are doing well. The kids and everyone are fine apart from all the challenges as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

1st Phase of Food Distribution:

We would love to notify you that we were able to distribute the 1st batch of food. As we all know any form of gathering is not allowed but through collaboration with the local administrators, we were able to distribute food- observing all the measures that have been put in place by the government. On the same series we were able to distribute face masks to all our sponsored kids.

2nd phase of food distribution

Planning for the 2nd phase of food distribution is underway. We should be able to do that in the next few days. Trusting that there shall not be any hitches as the government continues to tighten measures to fight COVID-19. I must say the food is coming at the right time. We really appreciate all the support and especially the additional food and medicines. The kids and guardians are very appreciative.


Last week we were able to receive trained officers from the heath department in the county who came to sensitize us on the measures we need to take to curb the spread and more info on the disease itself. Everyone at KCK was in attendance and this was very informative. We keep praying and trusting in God for protection as we play our very vital role in all this.

Thank you all for thinking about us and remembering us in your prayers. We are also doing the same back here.

Keep safe, Stay home.