Delicious Pancakes!

O Charley's Breakfast!

THANK YOU and a shout out to O’Charley’s Restaurant for Supporting our mission!

 O’Charley’s Breakfast

Always on the lookout for fundraising ideas, we learned that O’Charley’s Restaurant would
prepare an inexpensive pancake breakfast for us and allow us to sell tickets for a profit. We just
had to take care of ticket sales and provide a team to help serve the breakfast. With 30
minutes of training, the Mars Hill Kenya Team members were soon making coffee, taking and
calling in orders, serving, cleaning tables, refilling cups, and learning that restaurant workers
work hard!
Approximately 120 tickets were sold and donations were given, ending up with a profit of @
$1,100! So many people helped and joined us for breakfast. It was fun to see everyone
chatting and enjoying themselves. The O-Charley’s team could not have been more helpful.
Thank you so much to all who supported this event. The funds will provide seeds and seedlings
to 50 families for this year’s spring (October) planting.