Happy Birthday Praise!

Praise Turns 14 !

Mr. Ezekiel Tutor
Mr. Ezekiel prepares Praise for his studies!
A Laptop Praise Can Use!
Thank You First Key Home!

We at KCK wanted to share these pictures with you all! Thank you for loving this  young man who has changed all of our lives!  Pictured above is Praise receiving his Braille watch sent from his sponsors in the USA, the Gilberts.  The next center picture is Mr. Ezekiel, Praise’s tutor, that worked  to add a Braille application to the laptop. This application interfaces the Braille Machine to the Laptop and allows text to speech and vise versa.  This game changer  allows Praise to listen to books, work on school subjects and connect with friends.  This third picture is one of the laptops FirstKey Homes donated to our KCK ministry this past summer. We appreciate the laptops.  They have contributed immensely to the capabilities of our ministry.  Our team in Chuka, Kenya love and care for the children so much and strive to find new ways to innovate to make Praise’s blindness not a disability.

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