KCK College and University Student Gathering

University & College Gathering

Gathering of our University & College Students

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a deprived, excluded and vulnerable children grow and develop physically, spiritually, mentally and academically to become a responsible young adults & leaders; under your watch, prayers and support! It was such an encouraging experience spending time with college and university students, who have been & still under KCK program since their tender age. We've walked the journey together for over a decade and spending a day with them was our best moment. We had time for fun, reflection, one-on-one interactions, teambuilding and general life talk. After listening to them, we can now attest that the time, energy & resources we've spent guiding, teaching, correcting and counselling them over the years has not been a waste! Seeing them charismatic, jovial, and optimistic encourages us to continue doing this to more!

Meeting & Brainstorming
Humphrey Speaking

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