Thank You First Key Homes

Wilson Gitonga Receives Laptop for College
First Key Homes Sponsor

First Key Homes from Atlanta, GA donated laptops to Kenya Connection Kids that the company determined these were obsolete. These Laptops have been such a blessing for our college and trade school students. Computer literary is vital skill for students in today’s world. Our Technical School here at KCK, offers classes in basic computer skills to not only to KCK students but the community.   

One of the mission statements of First Key Homes (FKH) is ” Leasing Homes and Changing lives globally..  “, and yes they are changing lives globally!  We congratulate FKH for their community outreach programs  and  their generosity.  Please find the pictures below of some of our students and their hand written letters of gratitude.  


Wilson Gitonga Receives Laptop for College
Praise receives a laptop computer so he can learn with a Braille Program !
Wilson Gitonga receives a laptop for his College studies
Pamella Receives a laptop for her studies
Pamella Makena Receives Laptop for school

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