Mission Trip 2023-Our Success Stories

Melody is a Graduate!

Our Success Stories from some of our Girls

Viona Receives a Laptop
Rose attend Mt. Kenya University
Melody is a Graduate!

Viona is sponsored by Mars Hill Presbyterian Church Choir.  She is  studying Human Resource Management at the university and earning excellent marks. She was excited to receive a laptop from First Key Homes to help her in her studies. We look forward to hear of your acheivements!
Rose from Tharaka, attends Mt. Kenya University, year 3, majoring in Social Work and Administration. She is learning Braille and volunteers at a school for the blind. She was invited to become a member of the Kenyan NATIONAL Handball League, which she happily accepted!, and has traveled to Uganda with her university team! When she finishes her degree she would like to pursue her interest in Dental Technology.
Melody from Kirubia has been with our program since 2011. We congratulate Meldoy for recently graduating in Cooperation and Community Development. She has the ability to counsel people using her acquired skills of finance, psychology, social work, financial analysis, and project management. She described her position as being the bridge between people and money to achieve their dreams and support themselves.

Success Stories from our Boys

Kelvin from Kirubia is an amazing inspiration! He hopes to complete his degree, in 8 weeks, at Chuka University. He majored in Community Development. He joined our program in 2009 and still remembers the joy of receiving his first school uniform from KCK. His sponsor sent him a ball and it is still his FAVORITE gift!  He gives back to the community by providing bread to the children at his church.  He also loves working with children with disabilities.
Eric from Kirubia is in his third year at the University of Embu, majoring in Commerce with a Finance option. He enjoys hockey! When he graduates he plans to be a n international financial analyst. His heart leads his desire to volunteer at a children’s home.  We look forward to hearing of your achievements as you graduate!
Alex was the FIRST child in our program in Chera! His feet still have evidence of the jiggers our original team discovered in that area in 2007! He proudly shows them off wearing his sandals! It’s been MANY years since we have seen Alex at a Connection Day! He has been away with the National Youth Service, it’s similar to a military training program where you also learn skills. He now works as an electrician! Laughing, praying, preaching, and farming are his talents.


Alex first generation of our Home.

Fiona earned her degree in Education in English and English Literature at Kenyatta University. Fiona, from Kirubia, told us she struggled as a youth. She joined KCK when she was in class seven. She said, “I “was in darkness, but KCK gave me light”. She was socially an introvert and extremely shy. Through participating in KCK Connection Days, and interacting with others her confidence grew.    She loves reading and chose to study  She now teaches in a high school and teaches English to form 1 & 2 (grade 9/10) students.
Daisy from Chera was in the first group of KCK kids sponsored! She started in 2006 when she was still in nursery school. She said then, “she thanked God for KCK because they made her look like a “rich kid”, meaning someone who could go to school and afford a uniform. She graduated in 2022, with Distinction Honors, from her course in Community Health.
Alex earned a degree in Computer Science at Chuka University.  On his school breaks, he teaches Computer Science for us at Mars Hill Technical Training Institute! Alex is the patriarch of the Mars Hill children and never fails to help one of his 37 brothers and sisters currently in the homes

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