KCK VBS Camp December 2023

Kids Playing Field Game

KCK Kids 3 Day Camp

Christmas Camp

KCK hosted a three day camp for all kids under the KCK Children’s Home sponsorship program. What a blessing to host this transformative experience for children sponsored in Tharacka, Nairobi, Kirubia, Cheera, Ikuu and Igoji. The kids arrived with a lot of excitement while our team of mentors speakers were preparing their lessons. Lessons consisted of essential Christian values through engaging interactive sessions, activities and discussions!

Our Bible camp was an impactful and fruitful with time spent with these precious kids. Among the topics taught in different groups included forgiveness, love, relationships through the character of Daniel. The days ended with a variety of exciting games such as football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and tug of war. Fun was had by all!

Humphrey Teaching Camp
Kids playing

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