2024 Mission Team Departs!

Childen in Kenya
2024 Mission Team Prayer Send off

2024 Mars Hill Mission Team Departs for Chuka

It is hard to believe that it has been seventeen years since the first group of missionaries went to Kenya to see Humphrey and the KCK team at work.  With the exception of one COVID year, a team has visited Chuka every year since then.  This year’s team includes four missionaries, all of whom have their special reasons for wanting to return.

Reba Harrison has been on every trip.  She shops, she plans and organizes, and she packs everything she can find that might be a help to the children’s homes and others in need.  She has her own spring scale to see that each piece of luggage is exactly 50 pounds.  Reba says she goes each year because of her love for the kids and the peacefulness she finds in Kenya.  She knows that God’s plan for what will be accomplished during the mission trip has already been determined.  Every year Reba prepares to give bread, butter, milk, and other basics to the rock breakers who sit on the side of the road and pound rocks into gravel for their daily living.  This year she collected over 600 pairs of shoes to distribute to the kids in our program.  Reba says going to Kenya reminds her of how blessed we are but also talks of the blessings she receives from those she meets there.

Andy Thurmond will be making his fifteenth trip this year.  Andy is well known among the kids for his entertainment, whether it is his harmonica playing or his wheelbarrow rides.  He’s also known as the handyman who can repair things.  This year his goal is to try to see more of the sponsored kids in the surrounding areas and visit their homes.  Andy says his mission trips give him perspective on how blessed we are and remind him that it is not things that make you happy.  Just the vision of a Kenyan child rolling an old bicycle tire down the dirt road can serve as a fix. He says that the visits also help him retain his spirituality.

Myra Cox, currently attending Gospel Reformed Church, will be making her sixth trip this year.  She goes to Kenya because of her love of the people and the Gospel.  She looks forward to teaching Sunday School and visiting with her namesake, “Little Myra,” the daughter of a Kenyan teacher who was inspired by Myra during her visit.

Mandy Hosfeld is making her second journey to Kenya this year.  She says she can’t wait to feel again the overwhelming joy and love of the children in the orphanage who surround you when you arrive.  Mandy will be continuing with her program of distributing feminine hygiene bags containing reusable pads, underwear, soap, wash cloths, and other items to middle school girls when they attend a health and hygiene class.  This year there will also be a speaker to address the boys separately.  Mandy is excited about this year’s theme of the scripture John 3:16. Like most of the team, she will teach Bible Study and Sunday School as part of her mission.  She says she is happy to have become involved with KCK because it helps her to feel she is making a difference.

-Written by Mcgee Spencer

Reba Harrison and Mandy Hosfeld ready to leave.
Packing Packing and REpacking
Andy and Myra with Kids

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