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Kenya Connection Kids (KCK) is a non-profit Christian ministry founded in 2006 by Pastor Humphrey Kanga and church families in the USA, to help the many orphans in the nation of Kenya. By God’s grace, KCK has fed, clothed, and educated hundreds of kids, placed orphans with guardians, and constructed and operates three family style homes for rescued orphans near the town of Chuka. KCK also ministers to the Kenyan people by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing medical supplies and economic development materials to improve living conditions.

KCK has provided supplies to four hospitals and three clinics. We assisted in the town of Chuka by providing the books for their new library.

Our ministry began in the small town of Chuka in 2006 when we broke ground on our first children’s home to house 17 orphans.

Though our extensive sponsorship program, we have children in the Meru District and the slums of Nairobi. We have shipped containers with computers, construction equipment, hospital and medical supplies in our early years which helped in the construction of now three homes, a technical school and support for the local medical facilities. We are now constructing our fourth home to house the girls who are aging out of our program.   Through the grace of God, we have changed lives and had our lives changed. We have seen miracles take place.

We provide support to orphans through sponsorship of individual children. Provide a loving family style home, food, clothes, shoes, medicine, education and religious instruction. And improve living conditions and offer hope.

Our missionaries work directly with kids and communities to offer help, identify specific needs to be met, and provide church services.

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Children having fun at the Family Fun Day before they headed back to School! They were home for 30 days We welcome Lanick to our KCK Kenya Staff!  He is our new admin assistant and the children welcome him wholeheartedly!  The children really had a great time!!

Kenya Connection Kids Saves Lives
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Our Mission

A Christian ministry dedicated to being the light in the darkness to the orphaned and destitute children in Kenya. 

Our Vision

Providing holistic care for Kenya youth, guiding them to become fulfilled, responsible Christian adults capable of implementing lifelong positive changes in their communities.

It All Adds Up

Our Kenya Connection Kids mission requires year-round fundraising in order to cover the costs for the orphanage, employees, food and utilities, medical care, education, technical institute and boys’ exit home expenses – and now we are needing to complete the girls’ exit home for our older girls.  The KCK team came up with a plan for relatively small donations that could make a difference.  We hope you will consider making a donation or participating in one of our KCK Fundraisers.

Here are a few examples of how your contributions can help:

    • $35 /month or $420/yr – Sponsors a child in the field
    • $50 /month or $600/yr – Sponsors a child in one of the homes
    • $62 /month  – Supplies water for both KCK homes
    • $90 /month  – Pays for a Night Watchman
    • $92 /month – Supplies electricity for both KCK homes
    • $100 /month – Pays for a Teacher’s Salary
    • One Time Donation to General Fund – Supports salaries for our Momma, Social Workers, Night Watchmen & Utilities for homes

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