Our Mission

A Christian ministry dedicated to being the light in the darkness to the orphaned and destitute children on Kenya. 

Our Vision

Providing holistic care for Kenya youth, guiding them to become fulfilled, responsible Christian adults capable of implementing lifelong positive changes in their communities.


Kenya Connection Kids mission is to develop strong, independent successful  adults who will find a career through education.   Education in Kenya is different from America.  Children pay school fees called Levies to attend all grades.  They structure the school as Primary grade 1-8,  Secondary 8-12th grade.  A student in Kenya has to pass yearly exams to be promoted to the next grade so there may be mixed ages due to some children don’t start school until they have the fees regardless of their ages.  To attend High School not only do you have to pass National Exams, but depending on your score you will be placed in different programs in different regions.  Most are boarding schools.  Through our sponsorship programs, we provide school fees for the children  in the homes and in the field.  We have seen great success now with many of our children attending colleges and universities in Kenya.   


In 2013, the Lord gave us a vision of building a Technical Institute to teach job skills to the young adults in our program and in the community who would not qualify for college or university.  It took five years to build and then open our Technical Institute overcoming many challenges.  Mars Hill Technical Training Institute opened its doors wide in November 2017 where we had our first 38 students enroll in our first computer operation course. We celebrated during our 2017 Christmas school break our first graduates in computer operation. We expanded our curriculums to include courses in Food and Beverage Production, Building & Construction, Carpentry and Joinery, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Beauty Therapy among others. The institute also is open to other courses that are relevant to the job market.