KCK Exit Home

KCK built the first Exit House in 2019.  An Exit Home is used to house the young  adolescents who are old enough to start planning for their future and begin learning self sufficiency.  These young men and women will begin to transition into adulthood by gaining job skills or attending college. We believe education is vital.  

When the boys from the Orphanage reach 10th grade they will move to the Exit House,  In the Exit Home the boys will live with a youth mentor who will guide them and teach them the skills they need to be independent i.e. cooking and cleaning. They will be given a stipend each month to pay for food and other essentials so that they will learn how to budget their money.


Exit Homes

Our Mission

A Christian ministry dedicated to being the light in the darkness to the orphaned and destitute children on Kenya. 

Our Vision

Providing holistic care for Kenya youth, guiding them to become fulfilled, responsible Christian adults capable of implementing lifelong positive changes in their communities.