Sponsorship in Home and in the Field

Children in the Field
These children live in the remotest regions in Kenya with meager resources.

Welcome to the KCK family!  Thank you so very much for choosing to change the life of a child in Kenya!   This may seem impossible for just $35.00 per month but truly this is life-changing for the child as well and the family/guardian.

Your child will now be able to attend school because school fees are paid. Uniforms, shoes and school supplies will be provided.  Improved nutrition will benefit the entire household through a monthly delivery of staples such as flour, sugar and cooking oil.  Medical care can be provided.  The future looks so much brighter for your child.

KCK teams in Kenya and the US continually strive to make this a positive experience for you as well.  Our US team’s challenges are fundraising and communications. However ,the really hard work is done on the ground in Kenya including monthly meetings with sponsored kids/guardians to monitor school progress, deliver food supplements and often visit one or two of the  homes in that area.  Detailed records are kept on each child in the program.

Rev. Humphrey Kanga, the founder and CEO of KCK believes the key to escaping poverty is through education.  From the time a child enters this program, the goal is for that child to successfully exit the program and be able to stand on their own two feet.  The educational goals for a child are three-fold:  graduate from Primary School (8th grade); graduate from high school (12th grade) and complete a professional certificate (skill) from a technical school and/or attend college. The journey may be challenging but it is achievable for many of the children.

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