Sponsoring a Child in Our Homes

Welcome to the KCK family!  Thank you so very much for choosing to change the life of a child in Kenya!  

Kenya Connection Kids houses 32 children in 4 homes designed to be a loving family style environment.  We have finished the fourth called the Mercy House.  Early in this ministry, the needs of the Kenyan children became evident on Humphrey’s return home, where he found many children living on the streets that had been orphaned due to the widespread epidemic of AIDS.  In 2007, more than just a building was built, we built a HOME. This home provides an environment for children who have lost everything who can now grow up in a loving family setting to become strong, independent, God-fearing individuals. Each of the homes employ two “mamas”, and an auntie  whose soul responsibility is the nurture and care of the children. The children are now a true family in a place where they are loved, nurtured, educated and, most importantly, learning about the LOVE God has for them.

The cost to  sponsor a child in one of our homes $55.00 per month. 

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a Child in the Field

Due to the sheer numbers of orphans in Kenya,  Kenya Connection Kids, Inc. has developed a sponsorship program that provides assistance in the way of food, school fees and medical assistance to over 200 children in rural areas. For the children in our program, daily living is barely sustainable and parents have lost their lives, leaving children to raise other children or be dispersed among remaining family members. Without proper family units these children are vulnerable to dangerous situations. 

The cost to sponsor a child in the field (rural areas) is $35.00 per month.  For simply a  $1.15 a day,  this  is truly life-changing for the child as well as their  family/guardians. Your child will now be able to attend school because school fees are paid. Uniforms, shoes and school supplies will be provided.  Improved nutrition will benefit the entire household through a monthly delivery of staples such as flour, sugar and cooking oil.  Medical care can be provided.  The future looks so much brighter for your child.   

 KCK teams in Kenya and the US continually strive to make this a positive experience for you as well.  Our US team’s challenges are fundraising and communications. However, the really hard work is done on the ground in Kenya including monthly meetings with sponsored kids/guardians to monitor school progress, deliver food supplements and often visit one or two of the  homes in that area.  Detailed records are kept on each child in the program.    

Rev. Humphrey Kanga, the founder and CEO of KCK believes the key to escaping poverty is through education.  From the time a child enters this program, the goal is for that child to successfully exit the program and be able to stand on their own two feet.  The educational goals for a child are three-fold:  graduate from Primary School (8th grade); graduate from high school (12th grade) and complete a professional certificate (skill) from a technical school or attend college. The journey may be challenging but it is achievable for many of the children. 

Sponsor A Child

  • $35 /month or $420/yr – Sponsors a child in the field
  • $55 /month or $660/yr – Sponsors a child in one of the homes

For more information on children ready for sponsors email:  profiles@Kenyaconnectionkids.org