Momma Ellyjoy


"Mom" House Mother

 Ellyjoy was born in 1972 in Kiamuriki Village of Meru South district. She grew up in a family of 7 children being first born in the home. She helped her mother at home and in caring for the livestock.  As she drove cattle home, she would bring firewood to her mother.

Ellyjoy is highly qualified with many different specialties to include  Community Development Diploma, and has gone through training by organizations like save the children Canada, WOFBI and SOS.  She is fully equipped on the basic skills to work with children and the suffering in the community. She even has Hairdressing and Beautician certifications.  Being a born again Christian, Ellyjoy is an active member of Winners Chapel at Meru Town.  

Out of the 18 ladies who had applied to be mother to the home ,Ellyjoy is highly qualified to be our first house mother.  Her daughter is in college pursuing a Diploma in Law. 

Ellyjoy strives to provide a warm non-threatening atmosphere conducive for the growth of children. 

“I love children. I do this as a calling from God as his part of service, ministry and evangelism to me. This is more than a job to me. What motivates me is my love and service for God,” said Ellyjoy. “I want the future of my children to be bright. I pray that some of these children will be doctors, pilots, teachers, lawyers politicians congressmen, government senators, Engineers, you name anything good to them. Above all I pray that they will love God with all their heart, soul, and mind and love other people the way God has used people to love them,” said Ellyjoy.