Frashia Mwebia

Director of Logistics & Prayer Ministry

Frashia is the Director of Logistics and prayer ministry. She works for the government of Kenya in the ministry of Agriculture.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environmental science at Kenyatta University, has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Agriculture from Kenya Methodist University and a Diploma in Agriculture from Egerton University. Her passion in the Agriculture profession is very obvious and has great ideas on how agriculture can be used to alleviate poverty. Having her in the KCK ministry is a great blessing.

Mrs. Frashia is a born again Christian and the chairlady of women in her church. She is al

so a lay preacher in schools, colleges, and universities. Since college she has been greatly involved in evangelization and conducting missions in various part of Kenya.

She is married to Julius and is blessed with two children: Evelyn Wanja who has graduated from high school, and Jesse Murimi who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law. They have also adopted 1 child who is now in high school.

Frashia came to learn about KCK through Humphrey after he came back from USA and she got interested with what he was doing and partnered with him.

She desires to see the kids grow and get connected to the dreams of their lives. She also wishes to see KCK expand and increase in its network to bring many more people on board so as to be more effective in the society. ‘I believe that when we are able to change one generation then that generation can be able to change another generation,’ Said Frashia.

‘I see the future of KCK being so great as I see the kids who were once toddlers grow into maturity and into greatness, ‘said Frashia. KCK can make all the difference.