Humphrey Muthengi

Executive Director And Founder

Humphrey is the executive director and founder of Kenya Connection Kids. He has a master of Divinity degree from Erskine theological seminary. He has also done training on Christian leadership from Atlantic Southern Bible College (strategic Christian leadership), Lilborn Georgia, USA. He has an honorary degree in theology awarded by Richard Hall Ministerial Association from Cleveland Tennessee in the states.

Humphrey is also a researcher and has done many researches on biblical topical issues with an intention of showing how the word of God relates with our culture & social economic in our modern society. He is also a part time lecturer at ‘word of faith Bible College’ in Nairobi.

Humphrey has also received awards in humanitarian work. The awards includes, ’The good Samaritan award by Jesus Breakthrough Assembly, ‘Hero’s certificate due to working with disadvantaged kids by Barclays Kenya and a ‘Medal of performance.’

Humphrey is the founder & CEO, Kenya Connection Kids, the board chairman, director of children sponsorship and his work is to raise material and financial support for the ministry.

Humphrey is married to Hellen and are blessed with two kids; Alex who has graduated from the University and Abigail who has graduated from high school.

Humphrey is a born again Christian. He gave his life to Jesus in 1976 in primary school and was a Christian leader in high school and college. He is an elder with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, a conference speaker and a preacher in churches and colleges.

Humphrey felt a call from God to work with the orphaned, poor, and disadvantaged children in 2003. “As I went through the seminary, I experienced the call from God to minister among the poor, the leapers, the lame, the blind, the sinners, the prostitutes, the hungry, the tax collectors, the down trodden, the captives, the possessed by the evil spirit, the laborer and the heavy burdened, the ignorant of the law, the crowd, the little ones, the last, the abandoned, and the vulnerable. Jesus did great ministry among those in this category,” said Humphrey.

Humphrey feels that God wants him to discharge his ministerial duties to help the orphaned and disadvantaged children, develop them spiritually, socially, academically, and intellectually to maturity in Christ to become respectable members of church and society then finally send them back to their homes, villages and to the community to tell them what Jesus has done to them.

“I see the future of KCK very bright as God is using us to develop an army of Christians who will change Kenya from within; a people full of Godly Christian values, skills, talents and a servant leadership attitude in their service. I am looking forward to see them become church ministers, pilots, doctors, teachers, engineers etc. who have a passion to tell other about Christ and what he has done for them in their lives,” said Humphrey.