Jafford Njeru

Director of Peace & Reconciliation & Prayer Ministry

Jafford Njeru Rithaa is the Director in charge of Peace &Reconciliation and Prayer ministry. He joined KCK board of Directors two years ago. He is a Lecturer at Chuka University and is widely consulted on environmental, social, and political issues. He is also a secretary of Gideon’s International Chuka Chapter. Gideon’s International is a Christion organization committed to distributing Bibles in schools , hotels , colleges and public places.

Jafford is currently pursuing a PHD in Plant/forest ecology at Chuka University. He has a Master’s Degree in Natural resources management from Egerton University and a Bachelor of Science in Natural resources management from Egerton University. Jafford has also done a correspondence course in Renewal energy from a University in Bergin China.

Mr. Jafford is a born again Christian and is the Patron (equivalent to a Chaplain) of Chuka University Christian Union with over 2500 student members. He is also a lay preacher in schools, colleges, and universities.

He is married to Elosy and is blessed with 1 kid named Imelda.

He came to learn about Kenya Connection Kids first as it is situated at his home area. Later, he came to know about Humphrey and he got to understand more on what the vision entailed. As a partner he appreciated what the director was doing and was willing to come on board to help grow the ministry.

Jafford has a great heart to transform and impact the lives of the less fortunate in a Godly way. At KCK he is very effective in mobilizing and providing technical advice when necessary. He is a very valued asset member of KCK board.

Jafford feels that the needs are always there; he quotes Jesus in John 12: 8a in saying, ‘the needy are always among you.’ He sees KCK playing a very pivotal role in meeting with these needs. He looks forward to a KCK that has enough resources that will lead to sustainability. He has been very key is selling the KCK vision and soliciting material and financial support in Kenya to achieve the sustainability.