Jane Gatwiri Mbui


Jane was born in December 1973 at Nduruma Village, Meru Central district, Meru County. She was the last born in a family of nine. 7 sisters and 2 brothers. She is a daughter of the Late Joel M’mbui and Evangeline. At young age Jane helped at home with fetching water, firewood, herding cattle and cooking. She also loved playing games with other children in the village.

Jane went to Kaguma primary school between 1980-1989. She later joined Kithirune secondary school between 1990-1993. Later she joined Meru Early Childhood Education Teachers Training College and completed in the year 2009. She has also done VCT counseling.

Jane has sold fruits and attended to a shop immediately after school. She has taught at Jemaken Academy, Ntirimiti primary and Rigiri Gramma Academy.

Born and raised in a Christian family, Jane was introduced to Sunday school by her parents when she was young. As she grew up she did catechism and was baptized and confirmed in the Presbyterian Church as a full church member. She has taught Sunday school, a youth secretary and Presbyterian member. She has also been involved in cleaning the church and preaching at the district level.

Jane was initially introduced to Rev. Humphrey by one Rev. Roy. She later learnt that they were recruiting a teacher where she applied, did her interview, and passed. She started working at KCK in January 2013. Jane has a busy daily schedule with the kids. She explains “My classes begin at 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The activities involves: indoor activity, health checkup, language, mathematics, outdoor, creative, music and movement, social and environment and religious studies. In between the lessons are breaks, meals and rest time.

Jane has a special love for children and she likes staying with them. ‘I like the innocence of children, they are always so jovial and even in a bad day they cheer you up. This is a true gift from God, said Jane. She recalls when baby Mark was unwell and she had to stay all night awake with the mum praying and giving him medication “I pray they grow with love for education, love for others and love for God. I see in them pilots, surgeons, lectures as they always tell me” said Jane. ‘May God bless them and give us the grace to continue caring for the kids that I love so much’, said Jane.