Linet Karendi

Administrative Assistant

Linet Karendi was born in July 1989 at a village called Nkangani in Merusouth District Tharaka Nithi County. She was a third born daughter of Mr. Linus Kithinji and Mrs Rose Kithinji together with two sisters and one brother. Growing up in that family was not a simple task considering the low sources of income since her father was a peasant farmer and her mother a pre-school teacher. During her young age she helped with the house chores as well as tending to their 1 acre piece of land. ‘I developed a desire to farm since then and even today I have my small kitchen garden that I cherish so much,’ said Linet.

Linet joined Nkangani primary school in 1995 and left in 2003 after completing class 8. She then joined Ngaita girls’ high school in the year 2004 to 2007. Later she joined Kenya Institute of Management and pursued a Diploma in Business Management. Her school days were not without challenges. “I remember the many times we were sent home for school levies and my sisters’ would be paid first since they were in upper classes and for me and my younger brother we would wait till a miracle came our way” said Linet. Truly it did, a relative of hers saw her through school from form three to college.

Linet had volunteered to baby sit her sisters’ son for over one year  where she gained an experience caring for children. At their home they have been taking care of a child who after the parents had separated was left in the care of a grandmother at four months who later passed on and left to a grandfather who is a drunkard and does not value education. ‘This has opened my heart to loving and wanting to care for the less fortunate children in the community,’ said Linet.

As Linet grew up she was introduced to Sunday school by her mother and baptized at the Presbyterian Church. In the year 2000, she had an encounter with Jesus and gave her life fully to Him. Since then she has been committed to church as a leader and has mentored many especially in worship.

In March 2013, she saw an advertisement that Kenya Connection Kids were advertising an Administrative Assistant position that  she applied for.  Linet was our top recruit out of the  22 who had applied.  “When I learned of the outcome of the interview I felt so much joy in me. I knew God was giving me an opportunity to be part of a change not only to an individual child but to many generations to come. I pray that I may be able to help them in their school work, impart in them the values of Christianity, and help them realize their dream and calling. This is an opportunity to grow the body of Christ, to bring up a people that the community, the church, the nation, and the world at large will pride in.”

Linet enjoys working with the kids and finds they are amazing and adorable and feels like their big sister.  It gives her great joy to see the dreams of these kids getting fulfilled day by day.

Linet is now happily married and enjoying all the blessings the Lord has brought her way.

“May God bless the entire Kenya Connection Family both in Kenya and Abroad,” SHALOM.