Lucy Mugambi


Lucy is a teacher by profession. She is currently teaching at Kangoro High school, acting Head of Department in language, guidance & counseling, and societies. She is also the teacher representative in the Parent Teachers Association at her school.

Lucy has a master’s degree of education in Guidance & Counseling, Bachelors degree of Education in Guidance & Counseling and P1 Certificate.

Lucy is married to Benjamin and is blessed with 2 kids: Ruth and Timothy, and has adopted 3 kids: Lacton, Maureen & Chris.

Lucy is a born again Christian and in charge of youth ministry at Kiereni Presbyterian Church as well as a deacon.

Lucy was called upon by the director and she felt God was calling her to help in whatever way she could in this ministry.

‘I feel a call to influence the kids by talking to them, counseling them, and helping them in their academic work and motivation towards good performance, ‘says Lucy.

‘KCK has a bright future which is evident by what God is doing with the kids, bible school and Technical institute. I am happy & looks forward to the great successes ahead,” said Lucy.