The Social Worker

Naaman Murimi Njiru

We are glad to introduce to you Naaman Murimi Njiru our new staff at KCK as a Social Worker. He was born in the year 1986 as a first born in a family of 3 children.

He went to nursery school at Blue Valley nursery school in Embu town and later joined St. Michael Primary School in the year 1992-2003 and thereafter Morning Glory Junior School where he went up to class 8 in 2003. Naaman was a games captain during his primary school life.

Later Naaman joined Kamama Secondary School in the year2004 – 2007 where he pursued his A level education. He was also a dorm captain. After this, he secured himself a job with Bata Shoe Company where he worked as a salesman cum a banker to the company. After working there for 2 years he got an opportunity to go back to school after he had made up his mind that he wanted to become a social Worker and that was the career that he would live with the rest of his life.

Naaman enrolled at Government Training Institute in Embu where he pursued a certificate course for 6 months. He was later attached to Kerugoya for 1 month in the office of Social Services and Gender after which he graduated with a certificate in social work. After the school, he volunteered for 6 months at Anglican Church of Kenya where he was attached in the office of [OVC} Orphan Vulnerable Children living with HIV & AIDS in the society.

‘In the year 2011, I started my Diploma course which was going to take time 11/2 years and in the year 2012 I was through with my studies but before I graduated I went for an internship at Isiolo which took 3 months with an organization known as Christian Community Services where I was attached in DRR Disaster Risk Management team’, said Naaman.

At the intern, they would assess the impact of the neediest people in the ground then organize how they were to get aid from the office. After that, he got a job with a leading company in Embu known as Dubai where he worked as a manager until January 2014 when he can to learn about Kenya Kids Connection Ministries. ‘I came to learn about KCK through one of his directors Mr. Benjamin Mugambi who then introduced me to the director Rev. Humphrey Muthengi. I was interested in what they were doing for the kids and learning about the social worker vacancy I applied and after the interviews I was informed that I had passed, ‘said Naaman.

Naaman is also a born again Christian who gave his life to Jesus in 2001. He attends his service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Embu town and has been serving as an elder in the Youth department ministries as student representative and also he served in the post of treasurer for about 6years until 2013 when he thought it wise to leave the treasurers seat to the upcoming generation. He has been doing sound in the church since then. He also takes part in indoor game such as table tennis, band mintion, cards, draft, basket ball and without forgetting football among others. He could not hide his joy as he is focused in doing exceptionally well in meeting his dream in Kenya Connection Kids and that is what completes Naaman as person.

‘I had a passion for this and finally I was going to do what I always longed for. I thank the whole KCK family for making my dream come true. I look forward to being part of this change,’ Naaman Said.