Assistant House Mother

Pauline Kaari

Pauline Kaari is the assistant house mother at K.C.K home. She was born in 1957 and attended Kiereni primary school from 1962-1971 and attended Chuka Girls Secondary school between 1970-1972. Pauline grew up in a family of 15 children. She has four children and two grand children. Pauline’s childhood was not without problems. I was sent home out of school for lack of levies and school supplies. I lacked food and clothes. The nights were cold for there were no blankets to cover myself at times but I appreciated the way my mother and father worked hard for us.

She has a long history of volunteering her services to help the less fortunate the suffering and the needy. In many occasions she has volunteered to work with AMREFS, PCEA girls’ brigade, redeemed gospel church as a community worker, APHIA II and Kenya Connection Kids.

Pauline was introduced to church by her mother when she was young. As she grew up she was taught catechism, baptized, and confirmed into the church full membership.

“In 1997, I had a born again experience in a church gathering. I felt a special touch from from the Lord and rededicated my life to him as Lord and Savior.

Since 2003, the needs for the orphaned and impoverished was overwhelming. Trusting in God, Pauline volunteered with Hellen, Tabitha and others trying to provide the basic needs for the children in the area. She would visit the orphans and counsel the destitute trying to be a mother to all.  ”When Humphrey arrived from the United States in 2006, KCK was born, an orphanage was constructed, its then I got to work with the children as an Auntie.”  said Pauline.

 Pauline brings her positivity to the homes.  She is a great blessing to the home and loves the kids and they love her.

One time in 2009, she took one of our children Alex to  Chuka General Hospital because he was very ill and spent two weeks with him.  Humphrey tried to relieve her of the hospital stay but Pauline was dedicated to young Alex.  “Please let me stay with Alex Koome,’’ said Pauline. “I’M NOT TIRED OR FATIGUED. I have never been hospitalized with my own children and I did not ask to be relieved. I would like to treat Alex the way I would treat my own kids. Please thanks for having good thoughts about me but let me be with Alex until he is discharged,” said Pauline. That is Pauline for you and the kids she serves, selfless, determined, and strong desire committed to finish a good cause. You would love to work with her.