House Mother



Phelistas is the 7th born in a family of 9. She hails from Kakamega County in the Western part of Kenya. She has 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Her mother is in her late seventies. Her father is deceased.


Phelistas did her primary level at Koromaiti Primary School (1982-1989) followed by her high school at Friends School Lukhokho girls in the years (1991-1994). She has a Diploma in French Language from Alliance Francaise of Eldoret. She also has a Diploma in Psychological Counseling from East Africa Institute of Certified Studies.

Christian life

Phelistas is a born again Christian. She was brought up in a Catholic Church, at a young age she joined sisterhood. She is a single lady, committed to God and plans to stay single and serve the Lord who called her. She makes sure that in the midst of her busy schedule she has set up some time each day for prayer.

Her experience

Phelistas has a rich experience in handling kids. She has worked as a house mother at a Children’s Village in Naivasha- Kenya. She was in charge of the welfare and well- being of the Children in her house by providing a caring and happy environment. “This experience helps me to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each child and use my counseling skills whenever necessary, said Phelistas.”

How is Phelistas day like?

Phelistas wakes up at 4.30am, prepares breakfast, prepares the 12 children for school, packs their lunch and releases them for school. She then takes the young one to school, a few miles from home. She returns home around 8:00 a.m. to start cleaning her house, home compound, washing and folding clothes and preparing dinner. The children start returning home with all home by 6:30 p.m..  She checks to confirm that all kids had a good day at school and that all are well. She then serves them a drink or fruit, helps with their homework attending to the need of each child, monitors their evening studies and cleanliness, and then serves them with supper. She also spares some time to train the older ones on some very light house chores. The kids retire to bed at 9.00pm so as to be ready for the morning. Phelistas is left to clean up the utensils and ensure all kids have slept. She retires to bed at 10.30pm.

Her strength

Phelistas is so Passionate with children. She is so willing to share her talents/gifts that God has given her with the kids. “These kids have big dreams, I am seeing in them a bright future, she said.”

Phelistas feels her strength is in Prayer, Patience, being Optimistic and her counseling skills. She feels these will enable her serve the kids as her heart desires.

Parting Shot from Phelistas!

The Various problems you face in life should not hinder you from achieving your desired dreams because success comes only to those who are prepared. Put God first in everything that you do and all will be well with you.